I’m not sure what the purpose of an “about” page is, since most people who read the blog already know the “about” stuff.  But here goes:

I have been a writer of some variety since I was about ten and read Harriet the Spy and fell in love with her journal.  Since then, I studied English at King College and later at Virginia Tech, married my high school sweetheart, had three kids (one pregnancy was a twofer), and discovered that I still love to write, and write for an audience.

I teach freshman composition and American literature to college students as a full-time faculty member at New River Community College.  After a semester of reading the equivalent of a novel in student prose every two weeks, I long for a place to write where nobody is going to use “there” when they mean “their,” and where I can write about what piques my curiosity, not what I have to write about.


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