One More Week

One of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes books is entitled Summers Fly, Winters Walk.  That is a true thing if I ever heard one.

 I’ve got exactly one week left of summer vacation.  What happened?  Why is it August 6 already, and why is my summer to-do list virtually untouched?

 Oh, wait.  I’m looking at the wrong list.  I DID make out a to-do list in May.  It involved cleaning some closets, reading two books for professional reasons, applying to PhD programs, repainting a room, spackling the holes in our bedroom walls, and finishing a quilt.  I lost that list while Hank was in Africa and haven’t looked for it.

 But there was a second to-do list, and it’s got me all cheered up:

  •  Afternoons spent on the front porch (finally) – check
  •  Family thoroughly enjoyed – check
  •  Friends hung out with – check, check, and check
  •  Car still full of beach sand – check
  •  17 books read – check
  •  River sat beside – check
  •  Floydfest attended and New Monsoon seen – check
  •  Dinner on the back deck with friends – multiple checks, and we have the mosquito bites to prove it
  •  Evan squirted with hose – check
  •  Flowers arranged – check
  •  Dog snuggled – check
  •  Mint tea drunk daily – check
  •  Beans picked – I’m ignoring that right now, but check anyway     

At this exact moment, I’m waiting for the combo pack of Tylenol and caffeine to subdue my headache, and then I’m going to my sister’s, where we will do some porch-sitting, have lunch, and possibly go to Target.  Today it’s still summer, and I’m going to seize the living daylights out of it.  One week left.  How much can we do?  Further bulletins as events warrant.



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  1. My body fluttered a bit when I thought there might be a new Calvin and Hobbes book out there that I hadn’t seen. Imagine a new book after all these years, or an old book with some strips I’d never seen! But alas, Summers Fly, Winters Walk is a Peanuts book, not Calvin and Hobbes.


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