So much for seagulls.  I have had a BLAST.  Forgive me for that earlier, whiny post; I promise not to do it again.  FloydFest is, as always, AMAZING.

 So rather than bang on with some paragraphs, let me give you some bullet points.

  • New Monsoon still rocks.  That’s all.  Go buy their CDs, download them to your iPod.  They can jam.
  • I am cursed, Sam Bush-wise.  Slept through him three years ago, couldn’t get close this year.  I hear he’s great; maybe someday I’ll get to see him.
  • Toubab Krewe is also still very good, but less percussion-driven than previously.  More hypno-trance and less dance, which is kinda too bad.
  • I sat right behind Sam Cutler during the Toubab Krewe set and had no idea who he was until Hank told me.  If you are likewise uninformed, check out his book about his years managing the Rolling Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want.  Apparently he’s working on another book; he was making a lot of notes.
  • The first time I saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops at FloydFest, it was four or five years ago on the Pickin’ Porch and there were about 20 of us in the audience.  Today they were doing a workshop and the place was SRO, and we’re talking outside.  Hundreds of people showed up, and their 4 p.m.set was packed, too.  They are beyond good and out the other side, not just musically, but as performers – so much fun to watch.  I may have to do a whole post on the  CCD, because the music they perform is also music they are preserving for later generations.
  • The hammocks from Eagle’s Nest Outfitters are amazing.
  • I love hippie babies.
  • Especially ones that assume I’m their buddy because I’m sitting beside their moms.
  • But not so much the one that greeted the dawn with the shrill cries of someone being eaten by opossums.  I’m not sure what can be that wrong with a baby in a tent, but judging from the cries, it must have involved weasels, at the least.
  • I would brag, speaking of tents, about camping in the wilderness, hip and all, but I can’t, because my Beloved chivalrously gave me the cot, which is HUGE (thank you, Kilgores!), while he slept on the ground.  I have proven to myself, though, that I can still tent camp.
  • Gold Bond body powder rules.  Isn’t it supposed to cool off a bit tomorrow?

2 responses to this post.

  1. Has Robert Randolph performed yet? He’s my favorite of all time….and he’s in my hometown, performing on land I used to help farm. sigh


  2. Robert Randolph was last night, one of our favorites, too. I would say get a chair and come on, but they’re sold out for today. I’m a little worried about how big a deal this is getting to be. We truly do not want a mountaintop Bonnaroo.


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